Horn of Plenty Marketplace offered the following products:

fruits –   Fruits   –   Many of our fruits were locally grown and were shipped daily from farmers here in Tennessee and the surrounding states. You will not find better quality fruit no matter where you shop. Read more about our fruits…


vegetables –   Vegetables   –   Our vegetables were of excellent quality and are shipped in daily. Some were locally or regionally grown, all were delicious. Read more about our vegetables…


flowers and shrubs –   Flowers and shrubs   –   We had a nursery with a large variety of flowers and shrubs. Spruce up your home with hanging baskets or other colorful additions. Read more about our flowers and shrubs…


decorative flags –   Decorative flags   –   We had an amazing assortment of decorative flags. USA, University of Tennessee, floral, and nature design are just a few of the types of flags we carried everyday. Read more about our decorative flags…


dairy products –   Dairy products  –   From fresh milk to homemade butter to a large variety of locally made cheeses, we had your dairy needs covered.


homemade bread –   Homemade bread  –   If you like bread, you’ve come to the right place. Our assortment of fresh homemade breads were a tasteful addition to any meal.


jams and jellies –   Jams and jellies  –   Our selection of jams and jellies was the best in town. We had rows and rows of mouthwatering jams and jellies in every flavor imaginable.


coffee –   Coffee  –   Purchase locally made Vienna Coffee by the bag. We stocked most of their flavors, whole and ground.


honey and molasses –   Honey and molasses  –   Freshly produced molasses and locally harvested honey were available by the jar.


dried fruit and trail mix –   Dried fruit and trail mix  –   We had many varieties of dried fruits and trail mixes. Most were locally or regionally produced.


nuts –   Nuts  –   We’re nuts for nuts. We carried a large selection of nuts. from peanuts to almonds to macadamia nuts and much, much more.


candy –   Candy  –   If you don’t have a sweet tooth, we’ll give you one with our enormous variety of candies.